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[外研版九年级下册英语课文翻译]外研版九年级下册英语Module8 Unit2部分课文翻译[外研版九年级下册英语课文翻译]外研版九年级下册英语Module8 Unit2部分课文翻译教育论文论文大全

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1Look at the picture and choose the answers to...部分翻译

1.Who will probably get thanks from the schoolleavers?


a) Family.口 家人。口

b)Friends.口 朋友。口

c) Teachers.口 老师。口

2.What is the speaker probably going to say?


a) Thank you.口 谢谢你(们)。口

b)Good luck!口 祝你(们)好运!口

c) Cheers!口 干杯!口

Now read the passage and check.


Dear head teacher,teachers,parents and ellow students,l\'m very proud that you have chosen me to speak to you today.


I have three roses here:a red one,a yellow one and a white one.These roses are to thank three groups of people for the three most important things that I have learnt. These three things are friendship,effort and trust.


I give the red rose to my triends.When I started school here.my Chinese was not good,and some of my mistakes were very funny.I once tried to say“xiexie”,but f said“xiaxia”instead.of course some people laughed,and felt quite silly.But they were not laugh晋中治疗癫痫ing at me. They taught me to say many things in Chinese and kindly invited me to join them.Today,thanks to their kindness, my Chinese is much better,and we have become friends.So,let me say“xiexie”again to all of you for your help.


I give the white rose to my teachers.who have taught me that there is no success without effort.When I started running in the 800 metres,I always finished last and I just wanted to give up. But the PE teacher,Ms Huang,helped me.She ran along with me,and she said,“You only really lose if you give up!”I still can\'t run fast enough,but l\'ve learnt to try my best,not only with running but with whatever else I do.


I give the yellow rose to my parents for teaching me that iove is about trust.When I wanted to learn the violin,my father told me that I should work harder at maths.I was disappointed.Then,on the morning of my birthday,I woke up to find a beautiful violin at my bedside.There was a note from my father:“I\'m sure you wi儿童癫痫病的治疗方法有哪些ll be good at music.I know that you will be better at maths.”


I\'m sure that you all have your own memories about the happiness of the last three years.and the people whom you want to thank for it,so let\'s all stand up and say,“Thank you,friends,teachers and parents! We love you!”


2Find sentences which show:部分翻译

1.the three things the speaker has learnt


2. the three groups of people the speaker wants to thank


3.what the speaker has learnt from each group of people


3Answer the questions.部分翻译

l.Which sentence in Paragraph 4 means \"You have fo work hard to succeed”? 第四段中哪句的意思是“为了成功你必须努力”?

2 \"You only really lose if you give up!\"What does the sentence mean?


3.\"I\'m sure you will be good at music.I know that you will be better at ma治好癫痫要花多少钱ths.\"What did Betty.\'s father want her to do?


4.How do you think Betty would write to her father in reply?


5,\"I\'rn sure that you all have your own memories about the happiness of the last three years,and the people whom you want to thank for m.,”What does it mean?


4Check(√)the answers to the questions...部分翻译

1.Which words can you use to describe the speech in Activity 1?




moving口 感人的口


silly口 愚蠢的口

troubled口 有麻烦的口

warm口 温暖的口

worried口 担忧的口

5Which sentence(s) will you probably find in...部分翻译

a) Thank you,friends,teachers and parents! 口


b) We\'II always stay in touch. 口

我们会一直保持联系。 口

c)l\'m proud to be chosen io speak to you.口


d) Let\'s all stand up and say.… 口

让我们起立,一起说…… 口

请问患上了癫痫病还能得到治疗吗?lass="\"cat_h1\"" id="\"6\"" name="\"6\"">6Write a speech you might give at your schoolleavers\' party.部

·Start your speech by saying what your speech is going to be about.


Dear head teacher, teachers and parents, I\'d like to thank you for...


·Decide who you want to say thank you io There are many people who l\'d like to First,l want to thank ...


·Decide what you want to thank them for with examples.


They have always given me great help.


·Finish your speech by giving best wishes for the future.


Thank you and good luck for the future.


Learning to learn


You may have to make speeches on the firstday at your senior high. Try to plan ahead whatl you are going to say, but do not write thel speech in fuIHust make notes. When you make your speech using the notes, you will!sound much more natural.


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